Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

leaf vacuum mulcher

Even if you have the best machinery for the purpose of removing dust from your home, you would still feel the need of manually removing leaves from the yard during the fall. Some people prefer using the standard vacuum cleaners for this purpose but if you want to avoid clogging, then this year, I would suggest using the best leaf vacuum mulcher instead.

Why Use a Leaf Vacuum?

You can call it the cousin of the vacuumcleaner used for home cleaning but it is way advance in cleaning leaves. If you are wondering why you even have to waste money on buying a leaf vacuum mulcher, take a look at some benefits that might change your mind:

  • It is time saving:The worst thing about cleaning leaves is that it is a time taking job but in case you are using a leaf vacuum, the job will be completed before you even know it. The vacuum will extract all the leaves without creating any noise or making the device clog.
  • Ease for your back: In case you have a backache, this vacuum is going to be a life saver for you. Gardening is a great hobby but continuous bending can strain your back. It is great if you love doing it and you don’t care about bending but daily bending can make the problem worse. This can be avoided with a leaf vacuum.

leaf vacuum mulcher is a machine that does not just remove leaves from the lawns but also patios and you can use it for removing debris too. They have special blades that dice up the leaves which you can further use as fertilizer. They uncover the flower beds and grass to get access of the sunlight and the pollen. During the spring rain, leaves are always at the risk of turning soggy but with this machine, you can prevent that from happening. Your lawn will not just be clear but it will be in the best possible condition. Now who would not want to think about investing in such a machine? You have to clean the leaves anyways so why not do it with a machine that has been specially designed for this job.

Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers

In case you are interested buying one, here is the list of the 10 best leaf vacuum mulcherreviewed:

  1. Earthwise 10 Amp Corded Blower/Vac/Mulcher

It is on the #1 spot in the list of the best leaf vacuums because it is quite easy to put together. You can easily switch between the blower and the vacuum modes which makes cleaning a breeze for anyone. It has a powerful blower that quickly sucks the leaves and it can reach those places that are hard to reach while cleaning like between the shrubs and the flower beds. It basically has 3 capacities, you can use it as a blower, a vacuum and even a mulcher. It is just 7.5 pounds in weight which makes it ideal for cleaning small and medium size gardens. Itis an affordable machine to use on daily basis.

  1. Black and Decker LSWV36 40V Lithium-Ion Sweeper/Vac

best leaf vacuum mulcherIt is another powerful sweeper plus vacuum that operates on the 40-watt lithium battery. It is capable of charging faster and it can work for a longer time as well. You can run the battery in 2 modes i.e. the maximum power and the maximum run time. You can set the machine to work according to your priority. It even comes with the function of blowing away leaves in case it’s needed. You can also switch between the vacuum mode and the blowing mode while using the machine for cleaning purposes. It is more muscle than an average lawn cleaner. Thisleaf vacuum mulcheris designed in a way that a user can easily hold it in directions for clearing difficult regions. The blow pipe includes a built-in scraper that can clear the leaf mats created because of rain.

  1. Tanaka Commercial Grade 25cc 1.3 HP

The amazing thing about this handled blower is that it comes with the cruise control feature. Although it has amazing features but it is not cheap because it was meant for commercialgardening. It has a powerful motor that can do the job for you efficiently. The tube of the machine has 3 sections which are twisted together to create an easy setup. The blower is powerful enough to remove the mattered as well as the wet leaves from different surfaces. Along with collecting the leaves, it can also collect small debris and the mulcher reduces. The weight of the machine is heavy because it has a gas powered motor. It is meant for clearing mess from the larger gardens.

  1. WORX WG509 Electric TriVac Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

best leaf vacuum mulcherIt is included in the list of the best leaf vacuum mulcher. It is 11 pounds in weight. The design of the machine is manliness and it isbold. You don’t have to change the tubes for converting it into the blower or a vacuum. With just a turning of the switch, the machine is changed into blower from vacuum and vice versa. The angled tube is placed under the decking which makes it best for cleaning the garden furniture. It further has a variable power dial which will help you in cleaning the delicate areas too like the corners and flower beds. In just one bag, all the leaves will be collected. It is a bit expensive.

  1. Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed (up to 235) Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum with Metal Impeller

Thevacuum comes with a powerful motor and it is capable of speeding between 112 -235 mph. It is available in 390 cmf bag capacity and capable of working on variable levels of speed. It is a product that has the best blowing and mulching option. It is versatile and best in quality. The hardware used in the machine consists of metal impeller blade having the magnesium coating. There are 2 inserts, one is the power and the other one is the concentration. When it combines with the ultra-blower mechanism, you can change the speed option to achieve a higher leaf column reduction ratio.

best leaf vacuum mulcher

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Now that you are familiar with the best leaf vacuum mulcher, you need to know how to pick the right one as well. So, here we have come up with a buying guide for all individuals who are willing to choose the right machine:

  • Type-Leaf mulchers are available in different types which makes it easier for anyone to get confused which is the right one to choose. The common types include with/without bag, gas/electric, and electric supply only. Some of them are available in hybrid and battery functionally too. It is up to you which one to choose. The decision depends on your need and the size of garden of course.
  • Cost– Budget is always the most significant point to consider in case of any purchase decision. It is not just the cost of the machine but the cost of maintenance of the machine that you must consider. If you are getting an expensive one but it requires no maintenance, it comes with warranty and its performance is dependable, then this investment would not be leaf vacuum mulcher
  • Weight-Weight actually counts because the machine does not work itself, you have to handle it manually. If the machine is heavy, cleaning will become inconvenient. The maneuvering and handling should always be easy because that’s why you are willing to buy a leaf vacuum mulcher in the first place. Lighter machine is always easy to handle for all kinds of consumers. Some of the light machines are great in performance too so don’t think a heavy machine is always the one that outperforms.
  • Mulcher Ratio-This is one of the most significant features to consider while buying a vacuum. In case you have a large garden and there are lots of leaves to take care of, it would become even pertinent to take care of this issue. Mulcher ratio basically tells how much waste can be reduced with the machine. If it has 10:1 ratio, it means 10 bags of the leaf waste will shift to 1 bag when the leaves are mulched. It will reduce the need of arranging collection bags for collecting the leaves. The job of getting rid of the waste will become easier too.
  • Design– The machine should have a soft grip and it must leave no strain on your hands. This will make the cleaning easier for you because with easy to handle design, gripping iseasy.With convenient grip, you will reach the corners and hard spots without problems.

Final Words

With this guide, it will become easier to pick the right leaf vacuum mulcher from the list of the best ones. You need a model that is convenient for regular use, that can do its job well and that is within your budget. Do not forget to check the warrantyand noise level of the machine because you would not want anyone to get disturbed with the noise created while cleaning. Once you have thebest leaf vacuum mulcher, you will always have the best-looking garden even during the fall.